Increase cases of breast cancer

If there is something you are afraid of many people is to the root canals, although with the technology that currently exists the cases of root canal in Tijuana Mexico are successful since they are carried out by professionals and there is nothing to worry about if your dentist tells you that you nedd that treatment, however in health there is a much bigger enemy, which is breast cancer and in the case of Baja California, during 2017 there were 598 new cases of breast cancer and 127 of cervical cancer, which is why It is of vital importance to invite women to continue their studies on an annual basis, which are free in the health sector or private consultation, as they find it more accessible.

Breast cancer has displaced cervical cancer as the leading cause of cancer death in women.

With regard to breast cancer, there are risk factors, such as having children after 35 years of age, that a relative in a direct line, as a mother, grandmother or sister, has suffered from this disease, having started with her menstrual cycle before 12 years of age, having no children or not breastfeeding.

The ideal age to perform the first mammogram is from 40 years of age, and, if you do not have a family history, it should be done every two years; and after 50, every year. On the other hand, the pap smear should be done from the start of sexual activity or maximum at age 24, and the first sample should be taken.

Cervical cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus, which enters a woman’s body sexually. Since it is present in a woman’s body until it becomes a precancerous lesion, it can take up to five years; During all this time there are no symptoms.

Due to the high number of cases of breast and cervical cancer among the female population of Baja California, and seeking to improve the care of women suffering from these cancers, the Secretary of State Health leads the workshop-course of the information system that is implemented at the national level with which a statistical point of the cases of both diseases in the country is taken.

Tijuana will host this training, in which the times and guidelines that govern the care protocols of women are announced since a mammogram or pap smear is performed and care begins if the diagnosis is positive for some of the two diseases.

The general objective of the course, for which health personnel from all over the country participates, is to strengthen the process of capturing the number of exams performed, those that have been positive and the treatment stage in which it is found, as well as maintaining a constantly updated.