Cosmetic Procedures

Face-lift, breast surgery and body contouring are the commonest plastic surgery Tijuana Mexico procedures known. However, there are several other procedures that the majority do not know about. Many involve the eyelids, nose, and forehead. The procedures are meant to reverse areas not very pleasing to the owner.

Face-lift or Rhytidectomy
Face-lift is aimed at reversing any visible signs of aging. The focus is on skin tightening with a view to reducing laxity or sagging of the skin. Mostly affected are cheekbones, jaws, and lack of definition around the jawline. There are two types. That is, mini Face-lift which only targets a specific region and full lift.
Breast Surgery
This is another very common cosmetic procedure taken today. The commonest today is breast enlargement or augmentation. This is simply referred to as a boob job. Breast enlargement as a procedure involves making an incision around the breast area and an insertion made. The insertion makes the breast look bigger and fuller.
Breast reduction is also done to deal with sagging breast, and large breasts especially on men.
Body Contouring
Lower body lift mainly focuses on waist, buttocks, and thighs. This is mainly done after losing weight so rapidly or after giving birth. Body contouring deals mainly with maintaining or getting the shape one required.
Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty
Majority going for this cosmetic procedure wish to restore their youthful looking appearance. This involves removing excess sagging areas around the eyes. The skin hanging below the eyes commonly referred to as eye bags is also a prime target. The process at times deal with the underlying muscle and probably the fat.
Nose Job or Rhinoplasty
This corrects big, misshapen noses. They are narrowed, shortened or even flattened.
Forehead Lift
This type of plastic surgery deals with dissatisfying forehead wrinkles. Browplasty, as is commonly known, corrects frown lines, sagging eyelids, low brow lines and the furrows found between the eyelids.
Plastic surgery is a common practice today. However, the scope in which people understand plastic surgery is narrow than it normally is. It covers more than the commonly known breast, face and lower body lift.