Benefits Of Dental Implants

People with missing or crooked teeth had zero options when it came to replacing them, at the timeless work was being done in the field of dentistry. Now several options are available to do much the same, be it dental implants or placing a fixed bridge on teeth. Not only is this a more natural looking solution but dentists mostly offer dental implants as the better, long-lasting and less invasive alternative when it comes to improving the smile of patients. When should you consider dental implants as a tooth replacement option? Following are some reasons why people usually opt for all on 4 implants Tijuana and why you should too!

They Stop Teeth from Shifting Into the Empty Space

When people lose a tooth, surrounding teeth eventually start to move in and fill the empty space. This, in turn, causes a lot of dental issues, such as the inability to properly clean and maintain uneven or crowded teeth. Placing a dental implant at that time will save you a fortune down the road in good orthodontic care.

They Help Conserve Your Jawbone

There’s a reason why cosmetic dentists in Orange County recommend getting a dental implant instead of placing a fixed bridge over the missing tooth. Your jawbone will deteriorate. Eventually, that’s underneath the missing tooth in the case of a fixed bridge. The same happens when dentures aren’t supported by implants!The long wait to get dental implants, the higher chance of your jawbone losing its integrity to get implants in the future (without a dental bone graft).

They Offer Relief from Denture Related Issues

Often people complain about numerous complications with their dentures that can be solved with implant supported dentures in place of normal ones. Common issues solved are poor fit, mouth sores, sunken lips, and food restrictions. All of these can find a permanent and fixed solution with the help of implant supported dentures.

They Preserve Your Appearance

Usually, when the jawbone begins to deteriorate due to missing teeth, the faces start to appear sunken in. This is why people without dental implants look years older than their actual age! This is also the reason why people with dentures often complain of their sunken cheeks and thin lips.